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  • Kraft paper/PE
Kraft paper/PE

Kraft paper/PE

Product name:Kraft paper/PE
Kraft paper woven, product performance: the use of special fine or ordinary kraft paper and PP composite composite plastic woven bag, with high strength, UV protection, impact resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, good skid resistance. Usage: rubber, plastics, chemicals, dry mortar, building materials and hardware, furniture, cement, agriculture, food. Specifications: 30CM-135CM Width Length: according to customers' requirements 1, high strength: the inner layer is a woven PP or PE, kraft paper outer layer is fine, the middle bit composite plastic, this product has a strong anti-puncture, anti-tear characteristics. 2, appearance: the use of high quality yellow or white kraft paper making, printing according to customer requirements. 3, 4 good skid resistance, UV: prevent direct sunlight, the product play a good protection.
PE coated kraft paper 153g / m x 131cmW

Laminating kraft paper quality requirements a whole bundle kraft look no rupture, breakage threatening abnormal function of its quality

2 width 1315mm (0mmm, +5 mm)
3 Basis weight 153g/m2 (-7g/m2, +7 g/m2)
4 Laminating face heavy 28g/mm (-3g, +3 g)
5 to 7% Water absorption
6 PH value of 6.0 to 8.0 Wanted capacity: 100 tons
Two. PE Laminating kraft paper 110g / m x 7.5cmW 5.0KG/RL
PE coated kraft paper with a name specifications in line
2 Size 75mm (W) specifications conform
3 Tensile strength 10.0kgf ↑ specifications in line 4
PE coated kraft pure material, 110g/m2 5.0kg/rl specifications conform
5 cylinder core diameter 45mm specifications conform
6 Appearance is not broken, no distortion, no damage specifications conform
7 After sealing sealing requirements, you can close bag, easy to tear


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