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Product name:Woven/PE
Woven aluminum composite plastic woven belong, is plastic woven to the substrate, after casting a composite made of. Formed by the woven composite and aluminum. Aluminized woven mainly used in luggage, handbags, cooler bags, heavy machinery and packaging materials products. Products with insulation, insulation, aesthetics, environmental protection and so on. Product specifications, weight and size can be customized according to the requirements. Characteristic features: 97% reflectivity, good insulation insulation, radiation, moisture and oxygen barrier, shading, shielding, anti-static, tear, puncture resistance, anti-extrusion performance, vacuum, look two, Printing good effect. Scope: because of its woven enhancement layer can prevent irregular edges or protrusions puncture, it is suitable for mechanical equipment, electronic equipment and other exports maritime transport packaging. Can easily spliced heat, not the size and shape of the restrictions. Can effectively control the product surface oxide rust, especially peeling occurs. Two gorgeous appearance, can improve product packaging grades, reflecting the quality of products. Applications: machine tools, textile machinery, high voltage switch, wire rope, heavy machinery, luggage industry, waterproof construction, insulation materials and other fields.
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