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Non-woven fabric/PE

  • Non-woven fabric/PE
Non-woven fabric/PE

Non-woven fabric/PE

  • Product description: Non-woven fabric/PE
Product name:Non-woven fabric/PE
Duobang pack Specializing in woven plastic, non-woven fabric thermal compound, spray composite products, weight from 25-500 grams, all kinds of special specifications can be customized according to the user's requirements products. Product Features: good tensile strength, anti-aging, good peel strength, printable. There are waterproof, breathable, high temperature, thermal insulation and other effects. Our products are widely used in industrial, packaging, agriculture, building waterproofing, health and other fields. (1), breathable film composite of various types of non-woven, airlaid non-woven composite or PE breathable film or composite film, the product uses microporous breathable film and non-woven composite made of soft, breathable impermeable, Our products are widely used in the field of protection of health and protective clothing, surgical gowns, bed sheets and so on. (2), polyethylene fiber used in construction breathable waterproof membrane. This product uses a different permeability formulation and production process to produce different amounts of ventilation products, widely used in construction roofing areas. (3) non-woven lamination (lamination non-woven), Laminating weight from 6-100 grams, you can use acupuncture cloth, and other kinds of spunlace non-woven composite PE, composite PP, EVA composite membrane and non-slip film, maximum width 1.65 m. Our products are widely used in disposable bed sheets, bedspreads, pet mats, non-slip material. (4), BOPP film composite nonwovens, pearl film composite nonwovens, wipes and other products, widely used in packaging materials. (5), aluminum foil, aluminized composite non-woven, non-woven sponge, glass fiber, kraft paper, etc., used in areas such as high temperature, thermal insulation and construction. Customized according to customer needs, with a smooth surface, do not wrinkle, fastness, good strength, high temperature and other characteristics. (6), paper-plastic, PE or PP film kraft paper, kraft paper, wipes, industrial, medical, and other materials.Our Non-woven coated PE product can used for Face mask,Medical Protective clothing.
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