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Aluminum foil PET composite film

  • Aluminum foil PET composite film
Aluminum foil PET composite film

Aluminum foil PET composite film

  • Product description: Aluminum foil PET composite film
Aluminum foil PET composite film
Product name:Aluminum foil PET composite film
Product Name: Aluminum foil PET composite film

Product structure: aluminum foil + PET

Aluminum foil +PE

Aluminum foil+PET+PE

Thickness structure: 0.01mm0.07mm
Product width: 200mm-1600mm

Application scope:

(1) Applicable to various circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer products, industrial products and other packaging. For example: PC board, IC integrated circuit, electronic components, various types of LED industry SMT patch, light bar packaging, precision hardware, auto parts and other packaging.

(2) Food packaging: milk, rice, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, preserved meat, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pig, frozen food, ham, cured meat products, sausages, cooked meat products, pickles, bean paste, Flavoring, quality assurance, taste protection, color retention, etc.


(1) Strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof.
(2) Strong mechanical properties, high resistance to performance, strong puncture resistance and tear resistance.
(3) High temperature resistance (121°C), low temperature resistance (-50°C), oil resistance, and good fragrance retention.
(4) tasteless, in line with food and drug packaging hygiene standards.
(5) good heat sealing performance, softness, high barrier performance

Our company has two composite methods:

1. Extrusion compounding method (Laminating film compounding) This is the most commonly used method in compounding processing. Extruding pp, pe, eva ion resin, etc. in the form of film with an extruder, and sticking it to a variety of processing agents The film is compounded and cooled and cured.

2. Dry compounding method This method is a method in which the adhesive is applied to the surface of the substrate through a laminator, and the heat roller is pressed against the other film to compound.
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