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Aluminum coated pe

  • Aluminimum coated pe
Aluminimum coated pe

Aluminimum coated pe

  • Product description: Aluminimum coated pe
Product name:Aluminimum coated pe
Product: aluminum foil lamination/Aluminum foil coated pe/ALU+PE,Aluminul coated pe
Material (can be customized according to customer requirements) two-tier structure: VMPET + PE, VMBOPP + PE, CPP + PE, non-woven + PE, woven + PE, kraft paper + PE, aluminum foil + PE
Three / four-layer structure: VMPET + woven + PE, non-woven + PE + PE, kraft paper + PE + BOPP, aluminum foil / PET / woven / PE, aluminum foil + PE
Specifications Common Specifications: 8 / 12micVMPET + 10mic PE, 10-20mic VMBOPP + 10 / 20mic PE
Can be customized according to customer requirements
Color silver, gold, green, yellow, red, blue, etc., can also be customized according to customer requirements
Features (1) Good moisture moisture barrier performance
(2) anti-static, anti-slip waterproof, UV
(3) good tear strength, flexibility, breathability Good tearing strength, flexibility, breathability
(1) widely used in building warm film, flame retardant insulation damp proof membrane roofing, insulation ice bag lined, lined with all kinds of bags, moisture shockproof bags, children climb pad, game pad, outdoor camping picnic and mats emergency UV with warm blankets, yoga mats, kitchen cleaning pad, mattress. Can also be used for appliances and equipment protective film. Food Packaging
(2) The product can be complex and EPE EPE, bubble film, nonwovens, woven cloth, aluminum foil, kraft paper, etc., widely used in food, daily necessities, bags, sun block, building materials and other fields
OEM service can do OEM and processing
Color printing 1-10
Please provide a detailed quote material specifications, we will reply you as soon as possible
MOQ 1000kg
Samples Consult
Aluminum foil 7mic coated pe 10 micron,Alu 7mic+pe 10mic.
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