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Hangzhou Duobang Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.Our factory located at Hangzhou,Fuyang city. we main produce and supply metalized bopp film coated pe,metalized pet film coated pe,woven farbic coated pe,kraft paper coated pe,pot cover,Epe coated pe.
Name:metalized film coated PE

Structure: VMPET+PE
Color: Red, silvery, blue, green, purple, gold, pink.
Width: 1000mm to 1500mm
Length: 2000m to 3000m per or customized
Thickness: 8micron, 10micron, 12micron.
The weight of PE: 3 to 20 GSM

1. No odor and toxicity, Environmentally-friendly
2. Light, soft, dust free, fire retardant, easy to install
3. Heat reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-radiation, anti-vibration and shielding insulation
4. Moisture barrier, sun-proof, water proof, heat insulation, saving energy consumed by cool air condition
5. Summer: Moisture barrier, sun proof, heat insulation, saving energy consumed by cool air condition
6. Winter: Heat preservation, central heating saving and remarkable energy-saving effect.
1. Roof, Ceiling, wall, floor
2. Shells of air conditioner and water heater,
3. Protective coatings of water pipe and ventilating pipe



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